Bosque Mágico

Ralf Siedhoff (WEIMAR) – Guitar

Mykyta Sierov (UKRAINE) – Oboe

Lucas Rauch (WEIMAR) Drums

unsere Gäste:

Ernesto Martinez (Spain) – Percussion

Karthik Mani (Karthik Subramanya) (India) – Percussion/Drums

Magnus Dauner (Germany) – Drums/Percussion

Two languages and 2000 km are between their cultures. But this distance "Bosque Magico" melt to a own musical level. 
In this line-up will be the Oboe, witch was till now mostly known in classical music appear in a new musical context.
Improvisations in from classical, Indian, balkan and pop music inspired compositions are new for this instrument and open a not often known sound universe.
Ralf Siedhoff takes the guitar more and more like a orchestra. Because of his unique way to work with his right hand, a melange of Flamenco and Jazz technic, the compositions became a very special grooving rhythm. A guitar whisperer, excessive and sensual concurrently.
The music is enriched by the versatile, spirited and intuitive drummer Lucas Rauch.

In their five-year collaboration they have already given concerts in India, Chad, Mauritania, Holland, Spain and Switzerland. In 2019 they opened the Kurt Weill Fest in Dessau.

La Bella Bestia
Songs of Sun and Soul 

Katja Rudloff - Vocal, Ukulele, Percussion 
Ralf Siedhoff - Guitar
Sin Distancia Trio
Manuel Delgado  Spain - flamenco guitar
Ernesto Martinez  Spain - percussion